TEAM 2021 Florida Spearfishing Registration

TEAM 2021 Florida Spearfishing Registration

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The 2020  team registration fee is $200 for two team members.

Two-person team, with team points being an AVERAGE of the two shooters aggregate length of target species. The entry cost for the team is 200$ per team. The teammate selection will be restricted, banning anyone in the top 5 leaderboard from 2019 to join forces (NO SUPER TEAMS)

- Team Calcutta Cash payouts for the Top 5 Teams in both Freedive and SCUBA divisions with payout dependent on number of people entered.

- Team Calcutta Payout Structure: 1st Place (40%), 2nd Place (20%), 3rd Place (10%), 4th Place (5%), 5th Place (5%), House Takes 20%.

 House percentage from the registration fee helps operate the tournament, administrative for tournament entries, and will provide money for the awesome end of the year party and awards.  Thank you for the support! -- Florida Spearfishing Team